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Animal Hospital on Wheels

A specially dedicated “Ambulance cum Hospital on Wheels” Service for the life-saving medical treatment of SPEECHLESS CREATURES SUCH AS animals, birds etc., in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region


The first Chariot was dedicated to the public in February 2022, and its day-to-day administration was taken up by Trustee Shri Pareshbhai Shah with blessings and inspiration from Rashtra Saint revered Shri Namra Muni Maharaj Saheb.

In September 2022 other 10 Chariots of Compassion started running on the streets of Mumbai.

With these 11 Chariots running on the streets of Mumbai, the entire MUMBAI METROPOLITAN REGION (MMR) was covered. All the eleven zones of MMR had one independent Chariot of Compassion operating exclusively in the zone.

Chariots responds in no sooner it receives a call for help; to provide treatment and save life of the suffering animal or bird.

On average, each ambulance treats 10 animals / birds every day. A total of 4796 animals and birds have received medical attention as of December 23rd, 2022.

This service is totally free. Each Ambulance is duly equipped with medical instruments and equipment such as

Oxygen cylinder, essential medicines, veterinary medical practitioner, ward boy, etc.

The total daily expenses of operating these ambulances come to Rs. 1,08,000.

Problem Statement


11 Chariots of Compassion, also called KARUNA RATH are covering each and

every corner of Mumbai to save and swerve sick, abandoned and critically ill animals

/ birds with best of medical care and human love.

Each, fully equipped and professionally manned Ambulance treats at least 10

animals / birds daily, saves their lives defeating untimely death.

In a complete year, these 11 ambulances together will save more than 36,000 lives

of animals and birds.

Please come forward to donate

One month’s expense of 1 Ambulance Rs. 3.06 Lakh

One Day’s expense of 11 Ambulances Rs. 1.08 Lakh

One day’s expense of 1 Ambulance Rs. 11 Thousand

We also invite you to support us by joining as a volunteer in this noble endeavor of

ours. WhatsApp your message to 99303 80976.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals



Sustainable Development Goals

Samast Mahajan
From more over a decade SAMAST MAHAJAN a Registered Charitable Organisation is determinedly working in the field of Animal Welfare, Enviornment Conservation, Education, Relief during Natural Calamities etc. Started under the skillful guidance of Shri. Girish J. Shah the organisation has done enormous work in the above fields. The only motive behind doing such activities was to create an peaceful environment suitable for all living beings on this planet. In our journey of past 18 years we have carried out impressive work under the guidance of Shri. Girish J. Shah and we wish that we continue to serve humanity and all living beings with all our heart and dedication.

CSR Reg No No

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Animals

Sector(s) Animal Welfare

Duration 0 month

Project Cost 3,06,000

Location mumbai, mumbai

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