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Gift a Life to Rama Sarkar

Help Rama Sarkar to recover from Stomach Cancer


Rama Sarkar, a homemaker whose family falls under the poverty line (BPL), has ovarian cancer, gastric adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer). She has done all in her power to get the money needed for the therapy, but at this point, even more money is needed. She has spent Rs. 7 lakh 40 thousand with assistance from friends and family.

She is receiving treatment at the TATA Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Her husband, Sukanta Sarkar, is the lone wage earner in the home. He was a worker for a private company. Due to her treatment, it was impossible for him to go to work. Therefore, the employer has recently fired him as well. For a low-income family like her , it is quite difficult to cover the expense of cancer treatment in this situation.

The doctor has prescribed the following treatments : 

  1. 8 injections injection costing Rs. 4 lakh 
  2. Surgery cost Rs.4 lakh  
  3. Chemotherapy of Rs.2 lakh 10 thousand  

Rama Sarkar is still in need of Rs. 10 lakh, 10 thousand for her treatment; she is unable to come up with such a substantial sum. Therefore, the truCSR Foundation has taken an initiative to help Rama Sarkar raise funds for her treatment. 

Problem Statement

Lack of funds for the cancer treatment of Rama Sarkar

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Support Rama Sarkar to gather Rs.10 lakh 10 thousand for her cancer treatment.

Rama Sarkar, in her tenure of three months of treatment, has to go through surgery, chemotherapy, get injections, and arrange other supportive care costs, which are about Rs. 10 lakh 10 thousand. 

truCSR Foundation has taken this initiative to support Rama Sarkar and her husband by arranging funds for medical treatment and giving her the gift of life. 

truCSR Foundation requests that you kindly contribute towards Rama Sarkar’s treatment and help her during this time of need. Each contribution is important!

Sustainable Development Goals

truCSR Foundation
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CSR Reg No No

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Women

Sector(s) Promoting Health Care Including Preventive Health Care

Duration 3 months

Project Cost 10,10,000

Location Mumbai, Mumbai

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