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Kushtrog Niwaran Samiti SHANTIVAN- Leprosy Initiative

Dr. P. M. Kedia's SET program reduced leprosy incidence in 185 Raigad villages.


The proposed project aims to address the rehabilitation needs of treated leprosy patients and promote sustainable development in Raigad District. The project will encompass the following key components:

  1. Medical Clinic and Rehabilitation Center: Enhancing the existing medical clinic by providing medical examination instruments and updating the physiotherapy department with functional equipment. This will ensure comprehensive medical care, including regular OPD services, surgical ulcer treatment, physiotherapy, and medical aid splints.
  2. Reintegration and Job Creation: Establishing weaving sections to create job opportunities for leprosy patients who prefer not to return home. These sections will produce carpets, dhurries, mats, and bags. Additionally, providing training and support for organic farming on 45 acres of land, cultivating rice, pulses, seasonal vegetables, and fruit orchards (mango, kaju, peru, banana, papaya, chikoo, etc.). The project will also include a gaushala (cow shelter) for milk production, utilizing manure for organic farming, a biogas plant, and vermicomposting.
  3. Education and Residential Facilities: Establishing a residential high school with computer facilities for the children of leprosy patients, including Adivasi kids. The school will provide quality education and a conducive learning environment. Solar water heating systems will be installed for bathing purposes. Additionally, providing free residential quarters with basic amenities, a common kitchen, and a recreational space with a TV.
  4. Patient Welfare and Insurance: Ensuring the welfare of patients through necessary support measures, including insurance policies (130 persons) with a sum assured of Rs. 5 lakh, group mediclaim for medical aid (Rs. 15 lakh/year), financial assistance for children pursuing higher education (Rs. 20 lakh/year), provision of uniforms and ID cards (Rs. 4 lakh), and recreation activities such as outdoor trips and local entertainment programs (approx. Rs. 2 lakh/year).
  5. Rehabilitation Infrastructure Improvement: Repairing and replacing infrastructure in the weaving section and organic farming areas, including ceiling fans, rolling shutters, window grills, steel cupboards, and billing tables. Constructing a water barricade (bandhara) in the nearby river for water conservation and irrigation purposes.
  6. Administrative Office Requirements: Fulfilling administrative needs by procuring a Xerox copier, steel cupboards, revolving chairs, ceiling fans, solar lights, and renovating the conference room.
  7. Security and Transportation: Employing 20 security personnel for a 12-hour shift to ensure the safety of the 122-acre campus. Providing a dedicated vehicle for senior citizens, patients, and Shantivan darshan (site visits).

Problem Statement

Treated leprosy patients in Raigad District face challenges in reintegrating into society and require support for rehabilitation and sustainable development.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Curing 2400 Leprosy patients

Our main objective is to identify and treat leprosy cases, providing necessary medical equipment and physiotherapy tools. We aim to cure and rehabilitate around 2400 leprosy patients. If patients have ulcers, deformities, reactions, or other complications, they will be admitted to our center for specialized care. Regular dressings and wound cleaning will be conducted until their wounds are healed, which may take several weeks to months.

Our physiotherapy department offers various treatments such as wax baths, shortwave diathermy (SWD), infrared light therapy, and exercises guided by experienced physiotherapists. Patients will also receive MCR footwear and splints, which will be replaced every six months as they are made of rubber and have a limited lifespan.

After completing their treatment, we prioritize rehabilitating the patients in their homes. However, for those who prefer not to return home, we create employment opportunities within Shantivan. These individuals will receive free residential accommodations, food, and other necessary provisions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti
Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti has committed 60 yrs & is celebrating diamond jubilee in 2013-14. The work of the samiti is spread over 185 villages in Panvel taluka covering a population of 4 lacs. Under the Central Govt. Programme of Survey, Education & Treatment (SET), more than 10,000 leprosy patients have been successfully treated and cured.

CSR Reg No CSRCSR00012

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Animals, Child, Differently Abled, Elderly, Tribal, Adults

Sector(s) Promoting Health Care Including Preventive Health Care

Duration 12 months

Project Cost 31,42,00,000

Location Raigad, Mumbai

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