Nrityam 2022- Performing Arts Festival

17th Edition of Annual Performing Arts Festival, that brings onto stage creative works of senior artistes and diverse art- forms.



India, is a very ancient civilization is also known for its spiritual and artistic heritage.  

Both these are oral traditions passed on in a very unique process from master to puil known as the Guru Shishya Parampara.

Indian artistic Traditions are ancient, rich and diverse, handed down to us through an unbroken sweep of more than 5000 years. Our country is the only country in the world which has seven established classical dance traditions. 

It is our rich spiritual, cultural, artistic legacy that has placed India as a forerunner on the world map! As a society, we must afford far greater recognition to the value of the arts and creatively to our well-being. Indian art and creativity are integral to our cultural fabric and are among our nation’s most powerful assets.

Problem Statement

Preserving our artistics and cultural traditions is as much a social responsibility as any other cause.

The influence of western ideals and lifestyle and the advent of information technology, communication media and globalisation seems to have threatened and disturbed the traditional systems and practices, including our arts and culture. Besides commercial pressures, a lack of connoisseurs, dwindling audiences, dying up resources and a lack of facilities threaten the arts and its relationship with the community.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Preserving Indian rich heritage and culture through the Nrityam Program.

‘NIRITYAM’ highlights worlds of artistes of different genres & provides a much needed platform for a dialogue between artistes & audience. It showcases diverse talents of both maestotros & promising artists across pan-India. 

 Nritiyam has completed 17 Glorious Years! With 

45 Guest Artists

215 Guest Dancers 

12 Scholarships 

15 felicitation. 

This year Nirityam will be presenting 2 unique production in Kathak & Bharatnatyam styles:

  1. Shrinathji- Presented by Nritya Mandala Dance Ensemble, Mumbai
  2. Binda ke Shyam- Presented by Articulate Trust for Arts, Bangalore. 

Sustainable Development Goals

ARTS Initiative Movement(AIM) is a Trust registered in 2007 that echoes the spirit and essence of the artistic traditions & their Vital role in shaping the future generation. AIM believes that the Indian artistic traditions are a value system that: Discipline the Body Purify the mind Refine the senses Energies the spirit AIM is essentially a movement developing organically and embracing change within the parameters of its core values: “Enriching life through the conservation, contribution & celebration of the arts”. To impart this vision and values ART has launched following initiatives under our umbrella: Nrityam - A performing Arts Festival Arpanam- A tribute to the guru- shishya parampara Samskara- Arts in Education Inner Space- Flowering within (An inter- disciplinary program for youth & adults).

CSR Reg No CSR00033969

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Child, Women, Youth, Artisans

Sector(s) Restoration of Building and Sites of Historical Importance, Restoration of and Works of Art

Duration 2 months

Project Cost 26,70,000

Location Mumbai, Mumbai

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