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Renovation of Ancillary facilities in Cama And Albless Hospital

Patient family garden and visitor relaxation area


truCSR Foundation is dedicated to support Cama And Albless And Albless Hospital, a government healthcare facility, for ancillary work in  the garden area and boundary fences of the visitor area. Cama And Albless Hospital, while receiving funds from the government for medical infrastructure is heavily relied on for ancillary work, on charitable donations to fulfil additional needs.

The renovation will encompass various activities, including laying tiles, plasterwork, brickwork, repairing benches, creating chambers, and installing a sturdy M.S. roof structure. Additionally, essential repairs will be made to the existing infrastructure, such as gate repair, wire mesh partition repair, and restoration of child play area amenities.

Scope of Work:

The proposed renovation project includes the following tasks:

  1. Installation of 6 inches thick PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) flooring measuring 40'x18' in the garden area.
  2. Laying of tiles for beautification and easy maintenance.
  3. Plaster work and brickwork to repair and reinforce structures.
  4. Repair and restoration of damaged benches (totaling 42 benches) in the garden area.
  5. Construction of new chambers to accommodate additional facilities.
  6. Installation of an M.S Roof measuring 20'x40'x8' for shade and protection.
  7. Repair and reinforcement of M.S Gates and wire mesh partitions.
  8. Repair and refurbishment of child play area equipment, including swings and staircase.
  9. Procurement of necessary materials, including M.S Angle Purlins, Angle Irons, Round Pipes, and other construction supplies.

truCSR Foundation is requested to provide financial support for the renovation project at Cama And Albless And Albless And Albless Hospital. The total estimated cost for the project is Rs. 10,00,000 out of which Rs.2,00,000 paid by truCSR Foundation from their own corpus fund. Your generous contribution will help ensure the hospital's infrastructure is restored to optimal condition, enabling it to continue providing essential healthcare services to the community effectively.

Problem Statement

Cama & Albless Hospital in Mumbai is Maharashtra's only hospital exclusively for women and children, with an Oncology wing. Affiliated with the State Government’s Grant Medical College, it functions as a teaching hospital. With 505 beds, it has been a major public referral hospital since 1886. The hospital offers affordable patient care, emphasising teaching and research, serving residents of Mumbai, Maharashtra, and beyond. It features garden areas and a child play area, ensuring a relaxed waiting experience for visitors and patients' relatives.

The current condition of the garden area, boundary fences, and child play area at Cama And Albless Hospital is inadequate, impacting the hospital experience for patients and their families. The deteriorating state of these areas not only detracts from the hospital's appearance but also poses safety risks and limits opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Repairs and Renovation of Ancillary facility

The goal of this project is to revitalise the garden area, boundary fences, and child play area of Cama And Albless And Albless Hospital to enhance the overall hospital experience for patients, families, and staff. By renovating these areas, we aim to:

Garden Area: Enhance the aesthetics of the hospital grounds by repairing benches , installing seating areas, to create a serene and inviting space for patients, relatives  and visitors to enjoy.

Boundary Fences: Reinforce and repair boundary fences to improve security and ensure the safety, and prevent unauthorised access to hospital premises.

Child Play Area: Transform the existing child play area into a safe and engaging space for children to play and interact. This will involve repairing playground equipment like swings.

The renovation of the visitor area at CAMA Hospital is significant as it serves as a sanctuary for patients and their families, offering respite from the clinical environment and reducing risk of injury and proper seating area will allow the relatives of the patients to  spend the waiting time. 

By revitalising this space, the visitor area will provide crucial support to families, allowing them to spend quality time together and strengthen emotional bonds during challenging times. Moreover, the project will positively impact the overall well-being of patients, families, and hospital staff by providing access to outdoor spaces. 

Sustainable Development Goals

truCSR Foundation
The company is registered as Section 8 Company under Companies Act 2013 and Section 12A & 80G of Income Tax with Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, with Charitable objects to develop, establish, encourage, aid, assist, support, organise, carry out, undertake, promote or facilitate the activities of community development and social welfare programme in the fields of health, education, commerce, art, science, sports, research, religion, culture, charity, environment preservation and protection, animal welfare and protection or any such other object intended for the general welfare of the living beings and to undertake CSR activities for the purposes directly relatable to any of the subjects covered in Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013, as amended from time to time.

CSR Reg No No

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Child, Women, Girl Child

Sector(s) Promoting Health Care Including Preventive Health Care

Duration 6 months

Project Cost 8,00,000

Location Mumbai, Mumbai

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