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Revitalizing Gaushalas and Caring for Cows

Gaushala for Cow Welfare and Milk Distribution to Marginalized Communities


In recent years, the state of cows in India has been a growing concern due to poor infrastructure and neglect. According to the National Sample Survey, over 35% of cows in India suffer from malnutrition, and around 20% of them die due to starvation. These issues have a significant impact on the dairy industry, as well as the wellbeing of cows and those who depend on them.

In response to this situation, Kustharog Niwaran Samiti has established two gaushalas in the city, Vinobha Gaushala and Sai Gaushala, with a total of 42 cows, including eight milk-giving cows, eight old cows, 12 calves, 11 bulls, and two oxen. These desi Indian cows require proper care, including feeding, cleaning, and grazing, to maintain their health and productivity. However, the current state of the gaushalas is depleted and in need of redevelopment and major repairs.

Components of the Project

  1. Infrastructure Development: Vinobha Gaushala requires redevelopment, and Sai Gaushala needs major repairs. This component will focus on the repair and redevelopment of the two gaushalas to ensure proper shelter, water supply, and sanitation facilities for the cows.
  2. Cow Care: Proper feeding, cleaning, and grazing of the cows are essential to their health and productivity. This component will include hiring gosevaks to take care of the cows, providing them with special cow food, green and dry grass, and clean water.
  3. Milk Distribution: Milk is a valuable resource that can benefit marginalized communities. This component will include the distribution of milk to leprosy patients, school children, mentally and physically challenged people, and senior citizens homes. The project will ensure that the milk is collected, pasteurized, and distributed to the beneficiaries regularly.
  4. Cow Products: Cow dung and urine are valuable resources that can be used as organic manure and for medicinal purposes, respectively. This component will include the collection and proper use of cow dung and urine.

Detailed Budget:

Cows' feed for 50 cows - 12,00,000 rupees.

Gausevaks' salary for 5 individuals – 6,36,000 rupees.

Grass – 6,00,000 rupees.

Electricity and water supply - 2,40,000 rupees.

Sai gaushala repairs - 15 lakh rupees.

Vinobha gaushala redevelopment – 6,500 sq. foot – 85 lakh rupees.

Development of cow grazing area compound wall and shed for protection as we have 122 acres of land – 50,00,000 rupees.

Water tank -

Underground tank: 10,000 liters capacity; 2,10,000 rupees.

Overhead tank: 5,000 liters capacity; two tanks with foundation – 2,00,000 rupees.

Vermi compost manure - 10*10 beds 10 numbers with concrete wall and shed - 3,00,000 rupees.

Gir cows – total number of 20 cows - 14,00,000 rupees.

Biogas plant – 400 kg – 4.5 lakh rupees.

Problem Statement

The Vinobha Gaushala and Sai Gaushala are in need of redevelopment and major repairs respectively. The goal is to ensure proper care and management of the cows and their products, while maintaining a sustainable budget.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Improve the infrastructure of Vinobha Gaushala

The goal is to redevelop Vinobha Gaushala which is in a debilitated condition and improve the living conditions for the cows. This will be done by constructing new sheds, providing clean water and adequate feed, and creating a grazing area with proper protection. The addition of 20 new Gir cows will increase the number of milk-giving cows, thus increasing the production of milk, which will be used to provide nourishment to leprosy patients, schoolchildren, mentally and physically challenged people, senior citizens' homes, etc. Cow dung will be used as organic manure for agriculture and fruit orchards, while cow urine will be collected and used for medicinal purposes. A biogas plant will also be installed to produce clean energy from cow dung. This project will require a budget of 85 lakhs for the redevelopment of Vinobha Gaushala, 14 lakhs for the purchase of new Gir cows, and 10 lakhs for the installation of a biogas plant. The monthly budget for the feed, salaries, grass, electricity, and water supply will be 1,50,000 rupees per month. The project aims to improve the welfare of the cows, increase milk production, and provide organic products to the local community.

Sustainable Development Goals

Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti
Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti has committed 60 yrs & is celebrating diamond jubilee in 2013-14. The work of the samiti is spread over 185 villages in Panvel taluka covering a population of 4 lacs. Under the Central Govt. Programme of Survey, Education & Treatment (SET), more than 10,000 leprosy patients have been successfully treated and cured.

CSR Reg No CSR00012159

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Animals, Child, Elderly, Adults

Sector(s) Animal Welfare

Project Cost 2,02,36,000

Location Raigad, Raigad

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