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Saksharata Project

Strengthening Rural Schools to Provide Quality Education in Deoli District Wardha


The primary goals, activities, and intended impact of the SAKSHARTA initiative by Sahyadri Foundation in Deoli District Wardha, Maharashtra, are as follows:

Primary Goals:

1.Strengthen Rural Schools: The primary goal of the SAKSHARTA initiative is to enhance the overall strength and quality of 9 rural schools in the Deoli Taluka, Wardha District. This involves providing various resources and support to uplift these educational institutions.

2.Provide Quality Education: Another critical goal is ecessary adjustments to achieve the desired outcomes.

Target Audience

Geographical Location – Deoli Taluka, Wardha District, Maharashtra..Students of the following schools are the beneficiaries of this project.

1.Yashwant High School, Deoli-437

2.Janta High School, Deoli-1455

3.Z.P. School, Gaul- 185

4.Z.P. School, Adegaon -123

5.Z.P. School, Sonegaon (Bai)- 90

6.Z.P. School, Kalona (Chore)-78

7. Z.P. School, Ratnapur -49

8.Z.P. School, Akoli-86

9. Z.P School, Wadgaon -150


1.School Selection: The process of identifying and selecting 9 rural schools in the Deoli Taluka, Wardha District, as project beneficiaries is a foundational step.

2.Resource Provision: Providing students with school kits, including bags, notebooks, and stationary, ensures that they have the basic tools required for their education. This alleviates financial burdens on families and allows students to focus on their studies.

3.Extra Study Classes: Conducting extra study classes in critical subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English enhances the academic performance of students. These classes offer additional support for students who may need it.

4.AV Room Installation: The setup of audiovisual (AV) rooms in schools facilitates interactive learning and teacher training. It introduces modern teaching methods and technology to the classrooms.

5.Teacher Training: Training and supporting teaching staff is vital for improving the quality of education. This activity ensures that teachers are well-equipped to deliver engaging and effective lessons.

Budget Overview:

Intended Impact:

1.Improved Education Quality: The initiative's focus on extra study classes and teacher training is expected to lead to a notable improvement in the quality of education provided in beneficiary schools.

2/Student Empowerment: Providing school kits and essential resources empowers students by removing barriers to their education and allowing them to concentrate on learning.

3.Academic Improvement: The project aims to enhance academic results and student performance, ultimately contributing to a brighter future for the students in these rural schools.

4.Teacher Enthusiasm: Energizing teaching staff creates a positive and enthusiastic teaching environment, which can have a cascading effect on students' motivation and learning outcomes.


We constantly keep a track of the above- mentioned schools. We are planning to Increase the number of schools and run this project even in Nagpur district. For this we had filed an RTI addressing the education officer and received a list of 755 schools which require repair work. At present two schools from Nagpur district have been renovated under Komatasu’s sponsorship. Zilha Parishad School, Hingna District- Nagpur NMC Ekatmata Nagar School, Jaitala, Nagpur.

We are planning to take up the task of repairing 100 schools from the list we received through RTI in this financial year and require funds for the same.

Problem Statement

The problem statement centers on the inadequate quality of education in rural schools, characterized by a lack of teaching materials, digital resources, suitable infrastructure, and additional support, which hampers students' comprehensive education and academic development.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Provide Teaching Materials and Teacher Training

The goal of this initiative is two-fold: firstly, to equip students with essential resources like school kits comprising bags, notebooks, and stationery, ensuring they have the necessary tools for effective engagement in their studies. Secondly, the goal is to enhance the quality of education by energizing and empowering teaching staff. Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, teachers will be able to deliver education with enthusiasm, resulting in a more engaging and effective learning experience for students.

Providing extra classes to students in need.

The goal is to offer additional classes to students who require extra support in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, and English.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sahyadri Foundation
Sahyadri Foundation is a non-governmental organization rooted on the philanthropic values for the empowerment of the people in underserved rural and urban communities of Nagpur district. For the last 21 years of our existence, theefforts are directed in providing the vulnerable sections of the society a respectable life. The organization has developed and implemented several innovative interventions with a special focus on Health care services, and has been able to create an impact on peoples life through halting and reversing TB, HIV & AIDS, Tobacco, and cancer, Skill Training for Unemployed youths and Women.

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