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Nature cure is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principles of naturopathy in physica,mental,moral,spititual planes of being .


Snehlata Nisargopchar Ashram is a naturopathy center run by Kushtrog Niwaran Samiti Shantivan, established in 1992. Our commitment is to provide basic nature-cured treatment in its purest form, aiming to offer holistic health to the sick. We believe that by empowering patients to learn how to stay healthy, they can share their experiences with others, thus creating a healthy and happy society. The center currently has a 40-bed capacity for both indoor and outdoor facilities where various disease treatments are conducted regularly, catering to 1000 patients.

Activities under Components:

The center is well-equipped to provide all basic Naturopathy treatments such as hip baths, massage, steam baths, mud baths, fasting, diet, yoga, meditation, hydrotherapy treatments, underwater massagers, chromothermolum, magnet therapy, spinal spray, and more through modern equipment. We have experienced Naturopathy graduates and well-trained therapeutic staff to provide effective treatment.

Monthly camps for Naturopathy awareness and treatment of different diseases are conducted regularly, benefiting 1000 patients. The serene, lush green environment, along with a well-maintained walking track, enhances the healing experience of our patients.

Future Plans:

We plan to increase the center's bed capacity from 40 to 100, along with adding residential facilities and deluxe rooms. Additionally, we aim to create a new treatment area equipped with modern equipment and a garden. A dedicated physical therapy department will be established to improve treatment outcomes. The redevelopment will also include a new kitchen with an attached dining area for the convenience of patients.



With the implementation of these plans and the acquisition of modern equipment, we aim to enhance the overall treatment experience for our patients and continue promoting the principles of Naturopathy to achieve better health outcomes. Your support in this endeavor is highly appreciated.

Problem Statement

The Snehlata Nisargopchar Ashram, a naturopathy center, faces challenges in providing holistic health and nature cure treatment to patients due to its limited capacity of 40 beds. This constraint restricts the center from serving more patients and expanding its impact on promoting natural healing methods in the community. Additionally, the lack of certain modern equipment and infrastructure affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment provided.

Project Goal

This project will accomplish these additional goals

Increase Bed Capacity

Construct new residential facilities and deluxe rooms to accommodate a total of 100 beds.

Ensure that the expansion adheres to the principles of naturopathy, providing patients with comfortable and natural surroundings to aid their recovery.

Enhance Treatment Facilities

Renovate the treatment section to create a modern and well-equipped space for various naturopathy treatments.

Procure advanced physiotherapy equipment to complement nature cure treatments and enhance patient recovery.

Construct a new kitchen building to improve food preparation and offer balanced and nutritious diet plans to patients.

Create a Serene Environment

Develop landscape gardens spanning 0.5 acres, providing patients with a calming and healing environment amidst lush greenery.

Set up open garden gym exercise equipment to promote physical activity and outdoor healing practices.

Install solar lights and solar heaters to ensure eco-friendly and sustainable energy usage.

Acquire a generator to provide uninterrupted power supply, ensuring seamless treatment operations.

By achieving these goals and implementing the corresponding activities, the Snehlata Nisargopchar Ashram aims to significantly enhance its capacity to provide holistic nature cure treatment, offer a peaceful healing environment, and expand its reach in positively impacting the health and well-being of the community.

Sustainable Development Goals

Kushtarog Niwaran Samiti
Kushtarog Nivaran Samiti has committed 60 yrs & is celebrating diamond jubilee in 2013-14. The work of the samiti is spread over 185 villages in Panvel taluka covering a population of 4 lacs. Under the Central Govt. Programme of Survey, Education & Treatment (SET), more than 10,000 leprosy patients have been successfully treated and cured.

CSR Reg No CSRCSR00012

Tax Benefit Yes

Beneficiaries Child, Differently Abled, Elderly, Women, Youth, Adults

Sector(s) Promoting Health Care Including Preventive Health Care

Duration 12 months

Project Cost 1,72,65,000

Location Raigad, PANVEL

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