General FAQ's

  1. What is CSR?


    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term applied to initiatives a company takes from the profits it makes for environmental and social well-being.

  2. How is CSR different from philanthropy?


    CSR is not philanthropy. The concept of CSR has evolved and it is now a more integral part of the company's business strategy for addressing social and environmental impacts of businesses. CSR is the means through which the company can achieve a balance between its economic, environmental and social obligations while seeking to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

  3. Do CSR initiatives really help society?


    There are a number of individuals and companies globally who are known for their generosity towards society and CSR efforts. Some examples are:


    • John D. Rockefeller from Standard Oil changed the face of his country through charity and notable initiatives for the society. He donated USD 531 million in 1855-1934; created the Rockefeller Foundation and Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial; and supported the development of women & children and education.


    • Andrew Carnegie donated USD 350 million to the country by 1919; established around 21800 libraries and technical schools (later Carnegie-Mellon University); and set up the Carnegie Foundation.


    • Henry Ford of Ford Motors donated a third of his personal income towards philanthropic efforts and set up a home for orphans over 80 acres; the Henry Ford Hospital and the Ford Foundation.


    • W. K. Kellogg invested USD 66 million in charities; and established the Fellowship Corporation and W. K. Kellogg Foundation, new hospitals and Ann J. Kellogg School for Children with Disability and initiated the Michigan Community Health Project.

  4. What are the notable CSR efforts in India?


    Rank 2019DonorCompanyContribution (INR crore)Primary Cause
    1 Shiv Nadar HCL 826 Education
    2 Azim Premji Wipro 453 Education
    3 Mukesh Ambani Reliance Industries 402 Education
    4 Nandan Nilekani Infosys 204 Societal Platforms
    5 Ajay Piramal Piramal Group 200 Social Development
    6 Rohini Nilekani Infosys 142 Societal Platforms
    7 Rahul Bajaj Bajaj Auto 131 Livelihood Enhancement
    8 Cyrus S Poonawalla Serum Institute of India 117 Sanitation
    9 Anil Agarwal Vedanta 113 Education
    10 Gautam Adani Adani Group 84 Education
    9 Godrej family Godrej 84 Livelihood Enhancement

    Source: Hurun Research Institute; EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2019

  5. What is truCSR?


    truCSR is a credible portal to highlight and facilitate CSR activities in India. It seeks to improve the outcomes of the various CSR initiatives being undertaken by companies across the country by connecting the resource providers with resource seekers. 

  6. What are the functions of the truCSR platform?


    a) Register and build a network: Implementers registering on the platform and undergoing due diligence, can post their requirement for resources and seek funding from the contributors.


    b) Dashboard: All entities of the platform will have a dashboard that is organized into four sections for ease of usage, namely, Projects, Reports, Contracts and Funding Status. For more details, please contact for demo.


    c) Search and Discover: A search engine which helps contributors to search projects with drill down options such as thematic area, geography, funding requirement range etc.


    d) Digital Contracting and fund disbursement: truCSR provides additional support to ease coordination during the initiation of partnership. We are providing pre-defined contracts, customised to suit the nature of work involved drafted by an eminent legal firm. These agreements and templates then can be digitally signed by an implementer and a contributor on the platform itself, and track progress of the funds utilized. Additionally, truCSR is also introducing for the first time ever concept to nodal account for the purpose of CSR funding. In this kind of modality, the Contributor processes the payment through a unique beneficiary account number to an implementer and the fund is disbursed as per the agreement. Part of the sum of funding goes towards as initiation and coordination fees to truCSR platform. For more details contact your relationship manager.


    e) Milestones linkage to Fund Disbursement: Manage project milestones which is linked to fund utilized and reporting.


    f) CSR Reporting: We are providing a CSR reporting module with standardized and statutory complaint report templates.


  7. What are the offerings and services of truCSR?


    a) Developing a CSR strategy: Creating and aligning CSR strategy to CSR policy. Creating a roadmap on how to best maximize social impact


    b) Due Diligence of the Implementing Partner: Every implementer registered on our platform has gone through a desk review of their documents. Additionally, we have network of people who can carry our field visits and on-ground due diligence of organizations and projects


    c) Project Planning & Strategy: Finding project proposals based on the requirements of the Contributors and shortlisting as per the criteria. Project strategy also includes carrying out community-based needs assessment before decision making of deploying funds.


    d) Report Consolidation and Communication: Pre-defined CSR reports that can be customized as per the project.


    e) Beneficiary Impact Analysis: Helping to carry out impact analysis after project closure

  8. What is truCSR’s role for Implementers?


    We are facilitators, aggregators, and advisors for implementers to find funding for their projects that come under the CSR Act.

  9. What is truCSR’s role for Contributors?


    As per the requirements of the contributors, we facilitate the process of finding the best projects for Contributor’s CSR compliance.

  10. Why should one sign up with truCSR?


    truCSR is a platform that brings a digital solution to Implementors and Contributors to develop a dialogue, build an extensive network, and increase social impact through CSR.